Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MC Fall Tour

We are hitting thee road with our dear friends Midnight Magic :)
Thee Dates
10/31 Mississippi Studios W/Litanic Mask & Beyondadoubt, Portland
11/2 A Club Called Rhonda W/Midnight Magic, LA
11/3 Shade W/MikeQ, Beyondadoubt & more, Ace Hotel Palm Springs
11/4 Shade W/MikeQ & Beyondadoubt, Ace Hotel Palm Springs
11/8 The Rose W/Midnight Magic, Portland
11/9 Waldorf Hotel W/Midnight Magic, Vancouver
11/10 Groove Suite W/Todd Edwards, Portland

See ya :)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Litanic Mask


Billowy rain mists and warm winds as we wedge deeper into the blanket of the day.. It's the perfect time to listen to Litanic Mask's new LP 'How does it feel to want? 'cause I want nothing now' Released today on Portland's own Fast Weapon's Record label. Get it Here

Download an MP3 of 'Executive'

And the video they just released