Sunday, September 30, 2012


We are happy to announce that Hunee has embarked on a little trip out west and will be playing thee next Ecstasy night here in Portland on thee 12th!
If you're in SF you can catch him tonight @ Honey Soundsystem for their 6th yr anniversary party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS!!!
They've also just dropped a live promo mix on their site check it.

We will be joining Hunee at Q Capitol Hill next weekend too :) More info below.
9/30 Honey Soundsystem, San Francisco
10/5 The Waldorf, Vancouver Facebook
10/6 Q Capitol Hill, Seattle Facebook
10/12 Ecstasy, Portland Facebook
10/13 TBA, Los Angeles

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Temples' EroSpiriTechno

TEMPLES’ EroSpiritTechno Mix:
People sometimes ask “what is Techno?” To me, Techno is mostly afro-futurism in music. But of course it can be many things. A good overall answer is, “well it depends who you ask and when and where you ask them". These tracks on this mix represent different sides of Techno that I enjoy; Sexual, Spiritual, and Utopian. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Wheel Video

Judah, Brenna, Rafael, Ryan, Robert, Dane, Bryan, Mikey & I made a video for The Wheel. Check it out :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

We are lovely Prisoners


I first met Genevieve in 2002 at an after-hours club where she was DJing with Tom Greenwood of Jackie-0 Motherf*cker. Years later while doing the house music monthly 'Nightclubbing'(where Miracles Club played some of our first shows)I ended up at her house where she taught me how to beat-match. Since then she's moved to LA and though busy with her art job, still manages to drop some sweet and dreamy mixes our way. She made us a special, late summer mix that you can download Check out more mixes, soundcloud entries and musings here :)