Sunday, October 17, 2010

BeMusic Part One: Quango Quango - "Love Tempo (Dub Mix)"

Brilliant proto-house produced by Bernard Sumner (under the BeMusic alias, which various New Order members used for outside productions) in 1983, featuring Simon Topping from A Certain Ratio and The Hacienda's Mike Pickering. The a-side is classic (albeit overplayed) but this more minimal/dubby flipside sounds even more crisp today, striping off the new wave vocalizations in favor of vibrant conga and 808 interplay and a borderline absurd number of build ups and breakdowns. Big one at the Paradise Garage...Chicago dudes like Vince Lawrence jammed it as well. Enjoy!


More BeMusic jams to come this week...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

leech 'baby, understand'

this sputterboogie/echodisco cut got a lil burnt on reentry,
it shouldn't get your other digital white labels too dirty tho.

Friday, October 8, 2010

TONIGHT: Ron Trent in PDX!

Tonight in Portland! Chicago Techno/House legend Ron Trent live at the Someday Lounge, DJing til 4am! Do not miss this!

Full info here:


This is the stuff I grew up on.
Still sounds so good today.

Time Will Tell (The Deeper Then deep Mix)
Remix by Frankie Knuckles
Drums by David Morales

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Module Track 01

While getting into my autumnal nesting vibrations, i ran across this old scratched up cdr from 2002 that my friend David Farrell gave me. He made it using only(and strictly) modules. Things that i have no idea what they are actually because they probably involve linux or sysex dumping or funky things that personally terrify me(Unicorns and unstable platforms are just not synonymous in my fluffy kitten world) anyhow, i saw him play at this after hours club and it was amazing.. tranced out acid, altered realms type stuff.