Monday, September 20, 2010

Arthur Russell white-label


Seldom-heard b-side to the white-label-only 12” of Russell’s single greatest piece of music, “In the Light of the Miracle”. While the a-side was reissued on Soul Jazz’s comp of Russell material, this mysterious house-infused flipside remains tragically unreleased. Features the whole Singing Tractors crew (Elodie Lauten, Mustafa Ahmed, and Peter Zummo) as well as Allen Ginsberg (!) and a rare appearance by Julius Eastman.


BONUS: Yet another unreleased version of "In the Light of the Miracle", a fragile solo voice/cello/delay live recording complete with an entirely different opening stanza:


(Extracted from this radio podcast.)

Friday, September 17, 2010

A rare opportunity to peer into the deep with DJ COLDYRON aka Jed B from Operative, Eternal Tapestry, Flaengegod, etc. Expect him to cue up some Belgian New Beat, EBM, minimal synth, inverted house, coldness, inverted trance, and straight-up malaise.

Saturday 9/18 8PM:
ASSS, Warm Hands, Bestial Mouths (LA)

@ Gallery Salome with DJ COLDYRON
NW 6th between Everett and Flanders // Portland, OR

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tonight at TBA's The Works..

Oregon Painting Society

Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner will be performing their piece 'SHE IS OURSELVES' a 30 person dance performance with music by Adam Forkner (White Rainbow) and The Slaves (Barbara Kinzle and Birch Cooper of Oregon Painting Society).

Nicholas Bindeman (Tunnels) will doing something with a pile of televisions and a dancer.

The Miracles Club will be performing a special set that ranges from "phasing" piano house to traditional chicago acid with human jack in the boxes! choreographed by Ryan Boyle. Accompanying us tonight will be friends Scott Goodwin (Operative) sequencing, Mark Burden (Dangerous Boys Club) on piano, Avalon K (Finesse) on percussion, and Jonathan Sielaff (Golden Retriever) on bass clarinet.

Everyone has been working hard on making each performance special for tonight so don't miss this special occasion.

THE WORKS at Washington High School
531 SE 14th Ave.
Portland OR 97214
$8 Members
$10 General
All Ages

Sweet High by The Slaves from their record Ocean on Ocean

Light Asylum at The Works' Art Party

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clinton Street Records


Went to Jared's (aka dj MAXX BASS) new record store the other day. WOW! amazing selection of vinyl (strictly) and audio equipment. It's not technically open yet but you should probably stroll on by and dip your paw into the sweet stuff now cuz ooh weee it's nice.
what did we get? weeelllll just some azari and iii remixes, keri chandler, levon vincent and snuff crew's snuff trax. I should've known something was up when rafael handed me september's bill money before we walked into the store.

Come hang out all day for the GRAND OPENING PARTY october 1, 2010 1pm. Dj's, bands, cookies etc

until then, enjoy this track from Elec Pt. 1
jakk u up

Monday, September 6, 2010

leech 'openness'

43 minute mix of mostly contemporary slo vocal house
to gently wake the blahg from it's nap.

12345 -henry jacobs

i did it just the same -eurythmics

whobadu -cottam

dig deep -nicholas

chicago -jozif

ludium -elektro guzzi

you got that look in your eyes -mike simonetti

over you -moodyman

took my love -hunee

getting down in my car -the zohar

u talkin but u ain't walkin -lump

nobody else -mark e

tattoo's island -juju & jordash

tomorrow night -session victim

shade [dub] -the realness

make me free -marcello napoletano

nervous disid -the mole

sounds like thunder -bernice reagon