Thursday, April 3, 2014




(Dance Mania Records, Planet Mu)

Traxman, born on the West Side of Chicago has been instrumental in the development of the city’s frenetic juke and footwork sound since the mid-90s. A member of DJ Rashad’s Teklife crew and co-founder of the now two decades old Geto DJz team, he made his debut on the infamous Dance Mania imprint in 1997 with his Westside Boogie 12”. His critically acclaimed Mind of Traxman LP released on Planet Mu made many best of 2012 lists, and he has since released a barrage of EPs and albums on labels from all over the world including Lit City, Moveltraxx, and the newly reformed Dance Mania.

>>>Jammin Gerald<<<
(Dance Mania Records)

Jammin Gerald, also born on the Windy City’s West Side, is a name synonymous with ghetto house. His now classic tracks like Move It, Pump That Shit Up, and Hold Up (Wait a Minute) fueled the streets of Chicago in the 90s, when he released almost a dozen records on Dance Mania during its heyday. Along with other veteran DJs of the era such as DJ Deeon, Traxman, and Waxmaster, he is part of the labels 2013 re-birth, bringing the raw, animated sound of ghetto house to new audiences as an internationally touring DJ. His music is featured on Hardcore Traxx, UK-based label Strut's recent compilation of Dance Mania classics, which Pitchfork named Best New Reissue.

Modern Melodies ( Massacooramaan & DJ Rafael)

Ben Tactic (Bubblin)

Lincolnup (Bubblin)

$5 before 10pm $10 after