Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The TF50 was designed by Justin C Meyers who also runs the excellent ToneFilth noise and experimental music label. He's got a keen eye for design to say the least and while he was helping me complete a tape release called Referent on TF a few years back we were building modular synths at the same time. I rushed through mine, he took his time and even got his Dad to do the woodworking. His synth ultimately looks much, much better than mine and really hits that Buchla/Serge/AMPEX 60s/70s Cali "burly" industrial design-era of electronic music spot-on. Just incredible.

Pretty sure this is just a demo, but hell, watch it just for the aesthetic beauty if you're not a synth nerd. Personally, its the sonics and the layout that does it for me.

Late Happy M.L.K. day! Celebrate life.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Drop Legs

New video for We Like Cats "Meow Hear Me Roar" directed by Jib Kidder
Tonight come check out Supernature an all-ages dance festival with Adam Forkner's new project Purple N Green, Finesse, Onuinu, The Miracles Club, Linger & Quiet, Dangerous Boys Club and more. 6pm @Branx

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

leech 'de-stress signals vol. 1-3'

3.5 hour mix of contemporary synth ambience to chase off your insomnia or backdrop your next big come down. broke it into 3 bits, so that if used as a sleep aid you would have the option to not listen to the same 15 minute selection over and over on those nights where sandman comes easy.

tracklist and more info in the comments.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Year of Ecstasy

Valentines flyer 1

To whom we are devoted, let's warm our hands together as we celebrate our one year anniversary this friday night at Valentine's. Strictly house, deep, vocal, garage, experimental, contemporary, old school aka deep roots massage, extended play, TGIF feelings and love emotions. A new dance night monthly from us to you(and us) w/ Spencer D (Operative), Avalon and Susan (Finesse), Dj Allan (!!!) and the miracles club dj's.

January 14th