Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The TF50 was designed by Justin C Meyers who also runs the excellent ToneFilth noise and experimental music label. He's got a keen eye for design to say the least and while he was helping me complete a tape release called Referent on TF a few years back we were building modular synths at the same time. I rushed through mine, he took his time and even got his Dad to do the woodworking. His synth ultimately looks much, much better than mine and really hits that Buchla/Serge/AMPEX 60s/70s Cali "burly" industrial design-era of electronic music spot-on. Just incredible.

Pretty sure this is just a demo, but hell, watch it just for the aesthetic beauty if you're not a synth nerd. Personally, its the sonics and the layout that does it for me.

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