Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clinton Street Records


Went to Jared's (aka dj MAXX BASS) new record store the other day. WOW! amazing selection of vinyl (strictly) and audio equipment. It's not technically open yet but you should probably stroll on by and dip your paw into the sweet stuff now cuz ooh weee it's nice.
what did we get? weeelllll just some azari and iii remixes, keri chandler, levon vincent and snuff crew's snuff trax. I should've known something was up when rafael handed me september's bill money before we walked into the store.

Come hang out all day for the GRAND OPENING PARTY october 1, 2010 1pm. Dj's, bands, cookies etc

until then, enjoy this track from Elec Pt. 1
jakk u up

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