Sunday, October 3, 2010


Module Track 01

While getting into my autumnal nesting vibrations, i ran across this old scratched up cdr from 2002 that my friend David Farrell gave me. He made it using only(and strictly) modules. Things that i have no idea what they are actually because they probably involve linux or sysex dumping or funky things that personally terrify me(Unicorns and unstable platforms are just not synonymous in my fluffy kitten world) anyhow, i saw him play at this after hours club and it was amazing.. tranced out acid, altered realms type stuff.



  1. Oh Yeah. David's setup was and probably still is, Jomox XBase09, Sherman Filterbank, EH Deluxe Memory Man, Waldorf Micro Q, Technosaurus Microcon. SICKKKKK!!!!

  2. Thats from an album called Cosm, made it in 2000 using Jomox xBase 09, two Technosaurus Microcons and a Memory Man. All sequenced off the Jomox. I have a super aciiid jam recorded to cassette that I played a few months ago at a club here in Brooklyn, I'll post it this weekend. The set up that Paul mentioned above I used for a set at Blackbird w/ him and Fontanelle (I think) under my Locate moniker. Whens that Locate album commin out Paul??? Heh.

    Thanks for the big ups Honey - YOU RULE!!! ;)