Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oregon Painting Society

With Operative, I always feel like I'm chasing the Oregon Painting Society artistically, but am just about a hundred steps behind. The performance/installation group includes some of the visual artists I admire most in town and their work touches on some of top topics: New Age deconstruction, Motown, 90s "occulture", Terrence McKenna, stand-up comedy, Masonic conspiracies, Lynch, and that nebulous genre of movement-and-multimedia art fusion. They are my favoritist in town and, apparently, the PDX arts world doesn't think they're too shabby, neither.

True to the creepy, Suspiria-esqe nature of their workings, I was hit by a car while riding my bike after their Devil's Night rite (see first two photos), just a few months ago. I emerged almost entirely unscathed. What does the spirit-world want me to know?

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