Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jeff Mills is in the house... yeah!

Two videos from Jeff Mills from 2003. Note the APESHIT TR-909 playing. I have no idea if what Mills is doing is "doing" anything, but as a proper 909 performance, its absolutely transfixing.

When the On Land Festival was announced last year, Keith Fullerton Whitman offered that his set was going to be like "Heldon meets Jeff Mills (without the drum machine)", which kind of offended me. These videos were my retort, however Keith's retort was his set at the festival. For me it was a "Yes, electronic music is still this radically structured, horizon-cresting Utopian Moment!"-style experience. And I love those experiences.

Keith is releasing a couple works for modular synthesizer in the vein of that set. One is currently in the works as a tape on Root Strata.

See a similarly composed clip below, but don't sleep on Keith's very generous Soundcloud page, as well.

"Generator 6" & "Generator 2" (excerpt) by Keith Fullerton Whitman

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