Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A six Channel, six speaker, sound performance (obviously mixed down to stereo for mp3) drum machine orchestra by David Chandler (Aka Solenoid) performed at Holocene as part of the "Sixes" event June 24, 2010.
MP3 here

Sean Byrne (Bugskull) - Roland R8 - one channel
Eric Mast (E*Rock) - Machinedrum - one channel
Rafael Fauria (Miracles Club) - Roland TR909 - one channel for bass drum and a 2nd channel for everything else
Carlo Pearson (Senor Frio) - Monomachine - one channel
Jesse Johnson (Gulls) - Roland TR606 - one channel
Paul Dickow (Strategy)- Roland TR727 (the 'latin' drum machine) - one channel


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