Sunday, May 15, 2011

Discodromo 'Mercurio'

I first heard this track while by myself in a Helsinki hotel room coming out of a 6 day fever. I had slept only 45 minutes in 2 days. Something about it's mesmerizing synchronized beat cycles, deliciously dubbed out stabs ascending, descending bell drips immediately took me into a beautiful dream-state where i felt lifted and healed like some sort of remote reiki. This is now already one of my top ten songs of 2011 and go-to for the need for the immediate chill-down/re-energizational tripsss treat. And it's on my new favorite imprint Discaire out of San Francisco started by members of Honey Sound System. This one-sided limited 12" single comes in a top secret envelope with a signed manifesto and special codes in order to view the video in it's entirety. RIGHT?!!!! This is MAJOR so get it before it runs out!

Discodromo - Mercurio [DSC 001] by discaire-records

Download 'Mercurio' (High Temperature Mix)