Sunday, September 4, 2011

leech 'fluff thumbprint'

fast & loose like your long weekend,

an hour of ache so hot you blister.

download side a

download side b

anane & mr.v 'move, bounce, shake [acapella]'

twr72 'paradox'

romanth_ny 'the wanderer'

magic touch 'deep in my heart'

dirty culture 'gotta get you outta my head'

delano smith 'hypnotize'

recloose 'tecumseh [bonus beats]'

ch_z dami_r & santonio ├ęchos 'the bah bah song'

harkin & raney 'workin & steamin'

wbeeza 'laying here'

omar s 'skynet 2'

cfcf 'cometure'

t-coy 'i ain't nightclubbing'

boom 'keep pushin'

ecstasy club 'acid chant'

farley jackm_ster funk 'as always'

omar s 'unitarian'

gherkin jerks 'parameters'

bicep 'silk'

diegors 'unga'

legowelt 'mystery cruising'

theo pa_rish 'black mist'

ricardo miranda 'recline'

kasper 'let me bang'

ike 'the mojo'

maxmillion dunbar 'shaka'


  1. The download side b links to side a. Stoked on this mix!!!

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  3. enjoying this side a so far. two omar _ tracks was a good sign!