Friday, March 12, 2010

"more human than human"

telepathy futuro

for some reason, today kinda feels like blade runner friday. why? i have no idea. maybe because we are back to winter, post-fake spring here in portland or maybe because i've been listening to some greco-futuro-ambient metal techno vibrations of hours of worship. because we are crewtial bros(and a hella, crunk cat collage i made them a while back) they give me privy to their secret record that will be coming out very soon. and there is some rumor going around that they have covered a voivod song?! which is funny because i saw voivod open up for metallica at the warfield in san francisco when i was like, 18. and i only went to look cool to a guy that i had a crush on who was in the band neurosis. there i said it.

'the one thing that still holds true'

'bury me in smoke'

the one thing that still holds truebury me in smoke
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