Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rites Of Spring

Hey, everybody, we're very pleased to announce two of our artist/contributors to E-Blog, have a spring offering for you.



"Pulse" is our homage to the square wave and to its self-modulation, implying steady rhythm but also variation by its very structure. Binaural high-hats beat out a martial time while analog circuits bubble out into a thick, stroboscopic sunset. If our song "Ramp" is James Tenney trying to meet Joey Beltram half-way, then maybe "Pulse" is Steve Reich "Music for 18 Musicians" slouching towards Orbital's "Halcyon & On & On".




"The ecstasy laser sweeps down on Friday night, you and your crew. This is dream house, a sound not unlike what triumphed in mid-Eighties Chicago, but with a shimmering, psychedelic sound world. "Light of Love" is the beauty of the road and the wide-open plane, the feeling you're all alone on the dance floor and that you own the night. Awhirl in a collage of piano, conga, acid-touched bass, and "a-la a-la-la-la-la" you find yourself echoing waaaaaay past the dawn."


Operative (via Root Strata) and Miracles Club have digital EPs out now (or soon) at you're favorite digital download outpost (iTunes, Boomkat, etc), so keep an eye out. In a matter of weeks we'll have the 12" vinyl edition available through the bands with click -to-order links here. Hit up and respectively for updates!

Operative Itunes

The Miracles Club Itunes


  1. Just grabbed the Operatives release off Emusic. Pretty awesome. Is there a full album to look forward to?

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