Thursday, April 1, 2010

1998 Delay

i've been feeling the octave-as-decade vibes lately. sets of threes, reappearing words coming out of mouths, off pages and written in landscape..ancient information peeking through here and there, like tiny holes where little lights beam through the room and into me..absorbed like dna breath. let this beautiful music by Signaldrift aka Franz Buchholz give you a taste of what i'm talking about. an octave old, and not a moment too soon, this record not only still holds true but reminds me of where i come from and where i'm going. nowhere, somewhere.

.060 came out in 1998 on the Omco imprint and there are plans for a re-release. Keep an eye out for a new Signaldrift release on Portland's very own Audraglint
here are two tracks but honestly, it's really hard to choose as the whole record is just so crucial.

Driving somwhere


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  1. epic, truly.


    so glad there is more out soon !!!