Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paris Texas, Miami

you are in your Ferrari/Cadillac convertible driving around the coast of miami but then u suddenly feel the hot, desert heat swatting your skin with warm pets. u are in Texas driving days and nights, stopping at the same hotel oasis over and over. feedback loop, you hear a voice, it's the sound of your heart beating to the cr78 drums and some fm synthesis basslines.. this is what the new Leech remix of Near A Mirrored Pit Viper by Jonas Reinhardt sounds like to me. like a long drive by the ocean via the desert. i almost want to speak over it in my own remix but with the voice of Ann Magnuson of Bongwater dressed as Natassja Kinski in the first cabin scene.

Near A Mirrored Pit Viper Remix by Leech


tribal punk kittycheck out Jonas Reinhardt at our favorite blog that deserves cute kitty pics :)


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