Monday, June 13, 2011


I caught up with westcoast techno pioneer Marijke Jorritsma aka BREEZY NIX after asking for an mp3 of her latest work. Marijke has always had a provocative and psychedelic edge to her music/art, and her newest offering is no exception. I asked her a few questions to give a backdrop to this recording, "JARRY". I wonder if it is named after the author of Pere Ubu? I wouldn't be surprised! It's a deal, BREEZY, we will take you to the river! Enjoy the summer jam and all these mixes she just rained on you. -Avalon

Why and How do you make electronic music?
Currently I'm making most of my music using Ableton Live (software and a computer), working mostly with soft synths and drum machines, samples. I occasionally record hardware jams with what I have lying around or borrow and cut that into samples to be used in my sets and songs. I've also been working on some remixes.

The why is a bit more difficult.... Why does anyone make any music or art?... to create something they wish existed, to partake in something they love, to celebrate with others who do too, to have a social alibi for being a complete weirdo... ah, I dunno.

What is it like making and mixing this kind of music in SF?
Well, I've actually only played one show in SF as Breezy Nix, my other shows have been in Barcelona, Berlin, and Oakland. But San Francisco is generally pretty fun, people want to dance, and if the sound is good and the stars are aligned it can be pretty awesome.

What is your favorite music right now?
Oy, so much. I've honestly been just listening to tons of mixes that I download from blogs. These are my top ten mixes of the moment:
1. Frequency 7 in Dublin 2007

2. Axel Boman @ Absurd LA

3. Abstract Science Mixtape 2011 by Killing Spree

4. Jeremy P. Caulfield Heat Rash Mix

5. Hat+Hoodie DBTY Mix

6. 4Corner Pt.II Mix by Jaws

7. Bioluminescently Mix

8. Despamix #16 from Desparame

9. Javelin Live on WFMU

10. Dominique Leon's Indian Summer Mix

What else are you into?
At this very moment; dj'ing, 80s convertibles, surfing, smoothies, mallets, pinkish purple, stylish portability, sun, and Thomas Pynchon.

Will you come to Portland and play with the Ecstasy crew this summer?
Only if you'll take me swimming at the river.