Monday, June 27, 2011

Experimental Half Hour

Alexis Blair Penney 'Lonely Sea (Ecstasy Mix Live)'

Operative 'Biopic and Aliasing'

Check out the latest videos by our homies the Experimental Half Hour. Eva and Brock have been steadily documenting some of Portland's finest underground, weirdo art and music movement as of late. These two videos happen to feature some of the Ecstasy peeps Operative, Alexis, Finesse and Miracles Club.

Alexis Blair Penney's debut single 'Lonely Sea' is available as a 7" via HNYTRX and includes a remix by Honey Soundsystem. Also available as a digital ep with additional remixes by Ecstasy crew and Emotion II Emotion via Itunes
Check it.

Alexis Blair Penney 'Lonely Sea (Emotion II Emotion Remix)'

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